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Painting is the core element of Lime Green Decorating. I use only the best quality paint; Johnstone's high performance trade paints, and  I pride myself in going above and beyond to exceed your expectations. 

The walls of your home have the advantage of changing and transforming your space with the help of paint or wallpaper.  A dramatic room can instantly be made soft and airy with the application of light pale paint color. While a room that feels too big can instantly feel cozy with darker wallpaper with a striking pattern.  There are pros and cons of using paint or wallpaper. Factors to consider are ease of application, cost, and versatility to your space.  Whichever you choose your walls will benefit from the addition of paint or wallpaper.



Perfect decorating results are only possible on perfect surfaces. Not many walls, ceilings or woodwork areas are in perfect condition. I will make the necessary minor repairs to all surfaces prior to applying any paint or wallcoverings. I will also advise when surfaces require a more complete renovation prior to decoration.








Wallpapering is usually the final stage of decorating and allows you to change the colour, pattern and texture of your walls with immediate effect. Wallpaper allows the flexibility to complete a whole room or an individual feature wall.

Wallpaper can last up to 15 years and beyond, which makes it cost-effective in the long run. It is generally accepted that properly hung wallpaper will last 3 times as long as paint. Wallpaper adheres easily and smoothly to walls, hiding many surface imperfections. It can also add warmth, depth and style to a room that monotone paint simply cannot achieve. 




Whether you're installing a backsplash to give your kitchen a touch of character, looking for a durable solution for your bathroom or considering a different look for any other space, tiling can be a perfect solution to your project.

Preparation of the surface to be tiled is extremely important to provide the correct adhesive properties.

Soft vinyl tiles offer versatility and are hardwearing; hard ceramic tiles are easy to care for. Sheet vinyl is quicker to lay than tiles and can be fitted in one seamless piece. 


These days everyone's at it. You only have to turn on your television, or go into a newsagent, to find people enthusiastically employing trades people to work on their homes. Home improvement, whether to sell, to let, or to simply enjoy, has become a national pastime.